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jovial-times asked:

Hi! I saw your mr. creepypasta cosplay mask, [rly good btw] and I was wondering, how did you make it? I've tried to make masks myself before, but they've never been successful :x

Hi! ^^ Thank you!
Oh I know what you mean. A mask looks so easy bit it’s hard to make a mask Oo I failed a few times before I found a technique. X’D
I took a styrofoam head and a lot clay. I put the clay on the Face of the Head and formed it to the mask.
Then I took 2 layers of “Worblas Finest Art”, put it in to boiled water that it becomes soft and than I pushed it over the Mask. After Worblas was cold and hard again I cut the rest from the sides and the eyes out.
Then I painted it first with wood glue to make it smoother, than with black and after this with the blue color. The black liquid which comes out of the eyes is Black Liquid Latex and I covered the Eyeholes with 3 layers of Flyscreen which I glued in the inside.
Hope it helps you a bit. I only have a few pictures while painting it, not from the form making it self. Maybe I will make another mask later and make more pictures of the production.

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